Thursday, December 17, 2009


After being called out one too many times by my loving boyfriend, I have returned, with new resolve, to my blog. Yes I realize that I've only had one previous entry but that doesn't stop the fact that I am committing to regular updates on my life through thoughts, stories, questions, and general musings.

So, what have I been up to on my hiatus? Not much actually. Lots of football watching, book reading, intense facebooking, couch surfing, and procrastinating. Oh, and I bought a new car. But now I have a new purpose and my focus and drive have been restored. I have begun training for the 2010 White Lake Half Ironman on May 8th. This will include the next 20.5 weeks of lots of swimming, biking, running, stretching, and sleeping. I intend on updating my weekly and then monthly mileage covered throughout my training. All I can really hope for at this point is to make it through training healthy and uninjured (which has proven in the past to be quite challenging for me). Throughout the process I will be able to share any amusing stories or happenings that come from my training. As challenging as the next 4.5 months will be, I'm confident that there will be some seriously entertaining moments that I'll be happy to share (caterpillars, eggs, mac trucks, and sideways bike know who you are).

Up next: my favorite Christmas things.


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